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Nonlinear structural analysis of reinforced concrete has made remarkable progress in recent years, and it has reached the stage currently utilized as an assist tool in design practice. The purpose to used the structural analysis is to support engineer's creative activities.

As advantages of applying numerical analysis, it can be mentioned that structural nonlinear response and damage conditions is grapsed perceptively and sensuously, the influence of various factors can be checked by changing parameters, response values which is difficult to grasp in loading experiments are easily obtained as digital information and so on.

Moreover, introduction of performance based design method has been advanced, and preparation for utilizing the structural analysis for design/verification has been done in recent years, especially in the field of earthquake proof.

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However, present situation is that nonlinear structural analysis has not spreat widely and correctly yet from the following cause, for example, in spite of its high latent ability and possibility.


While there is the analysis technique of various kinds, selection of the tool appropriate for the exploitation purpose may not be made.


There is a possibility that analytical result may be influenced by mesh division and so on.


Analytical method is generally still in a developmental stage and it is never omnipotent at present.

The more analytical method develops, the more the accuracy of analysis results is influenced by users' experience and knowledge of the analytical method, and the amount of information which can be obtained will change. In some merchandising forms of analysis tools, it is surmised that the contact of users and developers may decrease and users' intention is sometimes hard to be reflected. Moreover, even if the analytical method is not omnipotent, we think that there are uses of enough as an assistant tool.

In COMS Engineering Corporation, technical service and technical support of nonlinear structural analysis of RC structures are performed for the purpose of clearing such issues. The greatest advantage of the technical service and support of our company is collected by the following three points.


The globally latest finite element nonlinear analytical tools are used.


By directly tying up the technical team developing the analytical tools concerned, the environment where the latest technical information can be exchanged on real time is prepared.


The received analysis work is performed by the researchers who has stacked training by being engaged in development and verification of the analysis tools.

Specifically, technical service and support of nonlinear structural analysis are performed by two ways below.

(1) Nonlinear Analysis Using the Latest Tool

Numerical simulation is performed making full use of the nonlinear analysis tool (article not for sale) in the forefront of a research field. Analysis tools developed at the concrete laboratory, the department of civil engineering, the University of Tokyo is used, and the doctor completion researcher of the laboratory performs calculation.

(2) Nonlinear Analysis Using the Existing Commercial Software

Numerical simulation using commercial softwares UC-win/WCOMD and UC-win/COM3_Fiber released from FORUM8 Co., Ltd. and technical support relevant to it are performed.

We have a suitable experience and confidence to our analysis tools and its application making the best use of the character, and we think that the service excellent in cost performance can be offered according to the application purpose of support business.

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